— Translation & Localisation

Not only should a translation be accurate, it should also serve a purpose and suit a targeted audience. By communicating with clients, partners and customers in their own language, you will make sure they connect with your business on a deeper level.

Entrusting a native French speaker with your translation and localisation needs will ensure that your documents and material add value to your business, all the while giving you more visibility across French-speaking markets.

— Transcreation

If you have marketing and advertising copy that needs translating, you should consider taking a step further and ask for a cross-cultural adaptation. This process, which is also known as transcreation, entails rethinking and recreating your material to ensure it has the same impact in a different culture.

— Proofreading & editing

Every so often when you’ve spent some time writing or translating a document, it can be difficult to take a step back and look at it from a fresh perspective. This is when asking someone to read and/or edit your text can prove valuable. I’m happy to hunt down typos and check the spelling and grammar of your documents or, if need be, to edit them more in depth to make sure everything is clear, coherent and pleasant to read.

— Ebook Design

Being trained in digital writing and ebook production, I can convert your documents into ebooks as well as check and revise files that have already been generated, to make sure everything works fine and can be read seamlessly across devices.

Areas of specialty:
marketing, advertising, literature, photography, humanities, new media, journalism, digital publishing

Examples of documents translated:
academic papers, marketing copy, slogans, press kits, brochures, articles, websites…

Companies I’ve worked with:
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